How To Get YouTube Views


How To Get YouTube Views

So you would like some tips on how to get YouTube Views?

We have given you 5 tips below to get you started and even if you just use these tips you will be getting more exposure to YouTube video’s.

These are ways you can increase your views without using black hat methods that can get your channel banned.

Play by the rules


How To Get YouTube Views


Make Sure Your Title Contains Your Keyword


Just like an article on your website, make your title out of your keyword that viewers are looking for. (I hope you have done your research)

Make sure your title stands out and is interesting to capture your viewer’s attention.

Remember that your title is for viewers as well as the search engines


Provide Great Content


You should always consider what value you are going to give your viewer.

Think about using “How to” videos as these work extremely well.

This will keep viewers watching your content right to the end of the video.

Make sure your content isn’t to long, certainly not longer than 10 minutes. For this type of video the ideal length is between 5 -6 minutes.

By making videos like ‘How to’ you position yourself as the expert in your chosen field.

The more content you give, the more you will grow your brand.


Always Include Your URL in the Video


You can usually have it at the bottom of your videos as it won’t interfere with your video content.

This is an easy way to get exposure for your website.

Also you can put your URL in the description box but make sure you use the format of  so it will become a clickable link.

Most other experts say you should start your description box off with you URL link but YouTube tends to disable the link.

I have had more success by putting in something like “Go to Videomarketinggoldmine,” for more information.


Your Branding


Always use your branding where and whenever you can, especially in your videos.

You can always put a small logo of your brand up in the left hand corner of your video. It’s discrete but a powerfully visual at the same time.

You should decide whether you are branding your company or yourself.

If you think you are going to sell this in the future then brand your company and not yourself for obvious reasons.


Description Box


As I said earlier always put your website address near the start of your description and at the end.

Make sure you use your title and associated keywords relating to the one you are targeting are in your description.

So for this article it would be “This is how to get YouTube Views”

Another good way of scoring higher ratings is to put the full transcription of your video in your description box.

Use between 5 and 10 keywords maximum in your keyword or tags box.

If you use more keywords than this it can go against your ratings as it is classed as keyword stuffing.

These are just a couple of tips on how to get YouTube Views.