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It was inevitable that video marketing had to evolve.

Video is becoming far to time consuming and complicated for most people unless you had a masters degree from university.

Now there is an old way and a new way.

We will go through the old way first in case you didn’t know what was involved in setting up so you ended up with a decent finished video.


Did you know that you need to do the follow when producing Video?

  • To make sure the finish video’s were perfect you have to keep re-shooting them or put them in an editing suite like Camtasia  or Vegas Movie Studio.
  • Make sure that your video’s didn’t take to long to load or play while still looking great by optimizing them for the internet.
  • Making sure that mobile users can see your video’s when using their android or iPhone devices as more and more people view the internet this way by having different versions of your video’s.
  • Learning all these different methods as you try to piece things together.
  • Using hosting services like Amazon S3, YouTube or your server to upload your large video files.

Your life just got easier as far as Video Marketing goes.

Josh Bartlett, the creator of the leading video player called Easy Video Player, has answered all your dreams for video marketing.

His Easy Video Player software had game-changing features two years ago and he just gone and done it again.

How do you know that this is that good?

Because Josh’s reputation is on the line because he has:

  • Tens of thousands of satisfied customers.
  • The lowest refund rate in the industry for Clickbank (Only 2%).
  • More top marketers and 6 to 7 figure launches use Easy Video Player than anything else. (Mike Filsaime, Chris Farrel, Ryan Deiss, Jason Moffatt, Maria Andros, Justin Brooketo name a few).

Rather than make new and “cool” features and re-launch his product simply for the money, he listened to what his customers wanted and did something about it.

He took over two years and hundreds of thousands of  dollars of his own money to create something that will change the way you market your business on the internet with videos.

Buy using this new easy video suite you’ll now be able to record, edit, publish, market and track all your videos with one, easy-to-use solution.

Josh is releasing this all-in-one video marketing solution on January 15th, 2013 with a free video series leading up to the launch.

Watch the first video here.

He’s going to reveal the story about his journey and passion that led him to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars from his own pocket to create the ultimate video marketing solution.

And how you can now do the following:

  • Drag and drop your video into a desktop application (Mac and Pc Compatible) that will optimize and convert your video for the web, let you edit if needed, upload it and give you the code to copy and paste to your website.
  • Record your screen or face camera from within this application and even draw on the screen.
  • Never worry about whether users on mobile devices can see your videos (It creates and displays a mobile version of your videos for you).
  • Split test your videos to see which ones are shared the most, have the most engagement and which versions make the most money.

That’s just scratching the surface…

What all this ultimately means for you is that marketing your business with videos is going to be much, much easier.

And you’ll make a ton more money while having more time to do what you love.


Josh is also going to demonstrate the amazing power of his creation in this series.

So go see how video marketing has evolved.

I am sure this is for you.


Easy Video Suite is going to make your life easier



One software tool has helped the way marketers have used video for their
online business more than anything else out there.

Do you know what that tool is?


It’s Josh Bartlett’s Easy Video Player

Even after it’s launch two years a go, the  EasyVideoPlayer2 is so far in front of it’s competition that other video
software is STILL trying desperately to catch up with what they innovated with back in 2010!

Did  Josh stop developing?

No way, he has been working on the next evolution of video marketing for the last two years…

He has invested multiple amounts of his own money to create the “next
generation” to video marketing, that has been based on his
satisfied customers comments and suggestions.

Have you been told video marketing is hard?

If you have then I will tell you a secret.

It’s not, with the right tools. You can now record, convert, publish, market and track your videos all with just one easy to use system.

That’s right, just go and check out this video if you don’t believe me.


I’m going to get straight to the point.

Since 2009, one tool has helped evolve
the way marketers use video for their
online business more than anything else.

That tool is EasyVideoPlayer by
Josh Bartlett.

Even now, over two years after the
launch of EasyVideoPlayer2, other video
software is STILL trying desperately to
catch up with what they innovated with
back in 2010!

Meanwhile Josh has been working on the
next evolution of video marketing for over
two years…

And he invested multiple, six figures
of his own money to create the “next
generation” of video marketing, based on
the input of tens of thousands of his
satisfied customers.

If you want know how to record, convert,
publish, market and track your videos
with just one easy-to-use system, then
you’ll want to watch Josh’s video!

He could have just released a new version of Easy Video Player with new features but that is not Josh’s style.

Listen to me, Easy Video Player already has…

* tens of thousands of satisfied and happy customers

* It has one of the lowest refund rates on Clickbank at only 2% ( that’s right)

* Used by more internet marketers than anything else on the market.
(I am sure you have seen this in action on 6 and 7 figure launches
even if you didn’t realise it).  Marketers like:

– Mike Filsaime
– Ryan Deiss
– Chris Farrell
– Jason Moffatt
– Justin Brooke
– Maria Andros
– Omar Martin

Josh knew he needed to make things even more easier and to take
the tech out of video marketing for his customers and marketers.

Did he succeed?

You tell me after you watch the video.
You will discover how you to can now do the following with videos:

#1 How to have a perfectly web-optimized video that is view-able on all mobile devices!
(Just by dragging and dropping your videos into a desktop app –Pc & Mac compatible)
So simple even a 2 year old kid could do it.
#2 Know what type of video will convert your prospects into customers and raving fans.

(See how your visitors interact with your videos in real-time!)

#3 Have your now-optimized and converted video on a sales page and viewable by your prospects in ONE minute or less!

(Without uploading a single file or touching a piece of code)

Is that cool or what?

#4 Let EasyVideoSuite actually automatically track and run your entire video marketing campaign!

(As close to autopilot as it can get!)

Easy peasy lemon squeeze.
Just watch in ore as Josh demonstrates the true power of this ultimate video marketing solution.

I am sure you have read enough so just go and check this out for yourself.

Watch the evolution of video marketing now and let me know what you think in the comments section.

P.S. Remember, If you want to record, edit, publish, market and track your videos with just one easy-to-use system,
you need to watch this video series now on the Easy Video Suite.

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Why video marketing? Because it’s fun, effective — and profitable.

Consider the alternatives…

You could use Pay-Per-Click, but the competition for keywords is
fierce. In addition, PPC campaigns almost always require
substantial testing before they become profitable (if they ever do).

Then, there’s article marketing. Yes, it still works — but not as
well as it used to.

And writing articles is a lot of work. It can be EXTREMELY tedious
and boring.

Plus… if you do it right, the videos you create could even go
“VIRAL” (and get quick, massive views).

You can work hard… or smart. Video marketing is the future… but
it’s here RIGHT NOW.

So, if you want to get on board and take advantage of this offer –
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Easy Video Suite


Video Marketing Goldmine Review

Video Marketing GoldMine

Is an extremely effective way of getting visitors to any website. It’s a actually automated method of marketing, you can make the video and get it posted around the internet. Then leave it to achieve potential consumers and leads. This article will go into detail about Video Marketing GoldMine.

Video Marketing GoldMine is one the highest converting marketing products on the internet today. Video Promotion has been fairly effective and has proven positive results on nearly all of the businesses. Using video for sales Leads using social media as a promotional method can take your small business to the next level. Video Marketing GoldMine typically shows up within the first page of google search engines, permitting you to gain many extra website visitors.

Video Marketing GoldMine is the top medium out of all the rest. If  you have a website that’s not getting a lot of site visitors, Video Marketing GoldMine will remove this problem. The power of this product utilised in the right hands will put your efforts on steroids. The main advantage that it has over the traditional, textual content format tactic is that videos can get the desired response much sooner and waste much less of the precious time of potential customers.

Video marketing is very effective in online and offline businesses. In accordance with research carried out by the Pew Analysis Heart, fifty seven% of Individuals in the USA have downloaded on-line video and 19% download video daily. The analysis also discovered over half of consumers enjoying video ended up sharing the video clips with their friends, showcasing the viral or “individual to individual” marketing and advertising factor associated with video’s.

Video Marketing GoldMine serves as a impressive marketing strategy.

It will help brand your online business and it is by far probably the most effective content format on the internet. Additionally it is the most steadily shared, turning it into a great viral medium.

The power of video cannot be denied. It influences individuals unlike any other marketing channel available. Previously, videos have been only obtainable on televisions and at film theaters. But now, video has been applied on the Internet, and because of this the ability, the influence, and the reach of video as grown substantially.

Video Marketing GoldMine is an extremely effective and essential part of your on-line marketing strategy.  It is best to use video to strengthen what your business offers and the way you can help to solve any problems that your viewers might have that can then convert them to become customers  By video marketing, you’ll show your audience how you are able to clear up their problems.

Videos will be watched and uploaded everyday until the end of time. If you are looking for the ultimate video marketing tool I am positive you will end up with Video Marketing GoldMine

video marketing goldmine review

Video Marketing Gold mine


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