What is Camtasia Studio or Camtasia For Mac?




Capture and editing software



Camtasia is software that can be used on windows or Mac by downloading the correct version for your operating system.

It can be used to record onscreen activities, web cam video, audio and to narrate or present existing PowerPoint presentations.


Camtasia software



You can use the software to record, edit, produce and share all your content.

You have editing features built into the software to include callouts, transitions, zoom-in-pan, audio enhancements and a lot more besides.


Camtasia Studio


How To Use Camtasia


After you record your video, Camtasia will import your operating systems audio, screen video, cursor, and microphone if selected onto their own separate tracks, so you can easily edit or even delete them separately.

You can easily put a face to your voice by selecting to turn on your webcam when you start your screencast, and then the software will automatically add it as another separate track.

You can also add existing video or images to the tracks by splicing them into your recordings.


          Recording Features

  • Full Screen
  • Region
  • Web Camera
  • DV Camera
  • Microphone Audio
  • System Audio
  • Voice Narration
  • Pause Recording
  • Restore Cursor Location After Pause
  • ScreenDraw
  • Add Markers
  • Add in Editor
  • Capture Keyboard Input
  • PowerPoint Add-in
  • Auto adds markers at each slide
  • Presets
  • Recently Recorded Areas
  • Lock to Application


    Editing Features


  • Share Projects and Files Across Computers
  • Export Project as Zipfiles
  • Create a Standalone Project
  • Smart Focus
  • Captions
  • Title Clips
  • Callouts, Annotations, and Shapes
  • Video Effects
  • Audio Effects
  • Cursor Effects
  • Animations
  • Transitions Direct Manipulation of Media on Preview Area (Canvas)
  • Quizzing and Surveys
  • Add Markers
  • Blur
  • Highlight
  • Multiple Video and Audio Tracks
  • Hotspots
  • Clip Speed
  • Remove a Color
  • Freeze Region


    Sharing Features


  • Share Project and Files Across Computers
  • Presets
  • Add or Edit Presets
  • Production Preview
  • Batch Production
  • Produce a Selection
  • Upload Video
  • Upload Video by FTP
  • Upload Video to YouTube
  • Export into iTunes
  • Embed in HTML Webpage
  • Flash Options
  • Table of Contents
  • Customize the Flash Controls
  • Customize the Flash About Box
  • Include a Watermark
    Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for Mac do not share all the same features and functionality.

    While there is some overlap, each product offers unique features in order to solve problems specific to PC or Mac users.

    Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for Mac are priced differently and require separate licenses.

    You can go and check out all the features and even try out a trial version to see if this software is for you
    by clicking this link Screen recording to finished video

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